Zinnowitz is one of the oldest and largest resort towns on Usedom Island. The town celebrated its 700 Aniversary in 2009.

First written mention of the land is in a deed from 1309. At that time, Zinnowitz had a Slavic name "Tzys" because it belonged to Slavs. The deed was a transfer of ownership in the form of a gift by the Polish Duke of Pomerania Bogislav IV to the Catholic monastery of Crummin. Since then, the Tzis changed owners many times and its name has been changed to Zinnowitz.

Beginning with the Thirty Year War in 1618, through invasion of the island by Napoleon's troops and then the French - Prussian War, Zinnowitz became depopulated because of its unfortunate location along a bussy military transit road between the mainland in Wolgast and the island. There wasn't much hope for change until about 1811 when Friedrich Wilhelm Krause, a wealthy shipowner from Swinemunde (Swinoujscie) placed a bid to purchase Zinnowitz from its indept owner. Few years after making the purchase, Mr. Krause died and his descendents divided the land for sale to 29 local farmers who breathed new life into it.

The first seaside lodge was opened in Zinnowitz in 1831. The close proximity to the historic bridge that connects the island with Wolgast on the mainland made Zinnowitz a popular seaside destinations on Usedom Island. For more on the history of Zinnowitz, please visit the town's
History Museum.

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